SLC to 143

This A/B living is interesting in what it does to my psyche. A being home in SLC and B being back in StG. It’s the transitions that give my noodle pause, the in-between, the commute where time and miles are now measured in thoughts instead of per-hour. Thoughts like hoping the lawn hasn’t overgrown beyond the mower’s…

50/50 to 80/20

Not one pic from this commute. As the KLR climbed the switchbacks to the Zion tunnel the sunrise light was dappled against the canyon’s west walls where there’s a discernible tree line. The light hit it perfectly creating this amazing highlight running along the lower third of the mountain leaving the rest to go to…


Too used to Highway 9, a road through pioneer history, and another flat.

Nebo Loop

Took my breath away and the air out of my rear tire.

StG to Tooele

Motorcycling forces me in to and out of my seat and that’s a good thing, a rose-smelling thing, except on this trip, my initial stop was to smell the smoke.

A Step on the Grand Staircase

Then it all changes. As the road approaches the Cottonwood Wash, the earth shifts gears into Technicolored terrain and formations.

Highway 89 Return

A motorcycle is an amplifier, it magnifies everything that runs across your nervous system.

Highway 89 Grind

If you want to be immersed in Utah’s funky rural contexts, 89 is the most expedited way to do so.

The KLR650 Commuter

I’ve wanted a BMW GS forever, but the KLR’s simplicity was more attractive to my pragmatic side.

Prep Notes on a Used Ride

Forrest Gump would have something to say about buying a used motorcycle, much like a box of chocolates.